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Enjoy hot showers with an energy-efficient water heater

Are you tired of running out of hot water? Do you avoid baths because your water is only lukewarm? It may be time for a new, energy-efficient hot water heater. Hot water heaters aren’t just about your comfort, they’re also about your budget – heating the water in your home can account for up to 20% of your energy bill!

Coal Harbour Mechanical installs and services furnaces for customers in the Greater Vancouver Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island areas.


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$ 349 Labour

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$ 449 Labour

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$ 559 Labour

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$ 3799 Includes Tank & Labour

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Time to replace your hot water tank?

A storage tank hot water heater typically lasts 8 years – once your tank warranty runs out, you should check to make sure that your home insurance is still valid for a water tank leak. By inspecting your hot water tank regularly you can spot issues before the tank deteriorates and causes water damage to your home. Here are some signs that it’s time to replace your water heater:

  • There is little or no pressure on the hot side
  • Hot or cold connections are rusty on top of the tank
  • The temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve is rusty or letting water past
  • You are unable to release water through the heater’s drain valve
  • Water is pooling at the base of the heater
  • Water temperature has dropped
  • Pieces of white plastic in your showerhead or faucet aerators
  • Gas pilot will not stay lit

How to choose a hot water heater

Hot water heaters come in two forms: The regular storage tank hot water heater, and the tankless hot water heaters. When you’re choosing a model, you’ll want to consider the following:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Cost
  • Amount of water you use each day
  • Space available for installation

Storage tanks:

Storage tank hot water heaters are insulated steel cylinders fed by a cold water intake line at their most basic level. Water is heated with gas or electricity and kept at a consistent temperature inside the tank. Although gas heaters are more expensive than electric heaters, a gas water heater will cost you around half as much to run as an equivalent electric type, depending on national average fuel costs.

Tankless heaters:

These models can range in size from suitcase-sized units that service the entire house to smaller ones that simply give hot water to a single fixture and are typically found under a sink. The units only heat water when it’s needed, so you’ll always have hot water. The water is heated by an electric coil or natural gas as it flows through a heat exchanger inside the machine. Your energy costs are reduced because you aren’t continually reheating water. A tankless heater costs significantly more to buy than a storage tank, but they can last up to 20 years. We can assist you find the perfect hot water heater for your needs and budget at Coal Harbour Mechanical.

We service and repair all major brands

In order to keep your hot water heater operating efficiently, and to comply with the terms of most warranties, you should have your hot water heater inspected annually to determine if any servicing is required.

Our trained service technicians are familiar with all major makes and models of hot water heaters, and can repair or service your existing heater after providing you with a range of solutions and an upfront estimate of the cost to perform the work.
To save money, receive priority service, and ensure that your equipment is serviced regularly, consider joining our Coal Harbour Mechanical Service Plan!

IBC boilers: High-performance that’s built to last

Although we install all major makes and models of hot water heaters, we recommend Bradford White for storage tanks, and Navien for tankless.

Proven reliability, maintenance free.

Although we install all major makes and models of hot water heaters, our preferred tank brand for quality and performance is Rheem.

Rheem® Manufacturing Company was founded by Brothers Richard and Donald in Emeryville, CA, in 1925. Rheem is currently the only manufacturer in the world that offers a family of whole-home comfort equipment, producing heating, cooling, water heating, pool & spa heating and commercial refrigeration products. Rheem is the largest manufacturer of water heating products in North America.

Visit Rheem’s website

Leading technology, superior performance.

Although we install all major makes and models of hot water heaters, our preferred tankless brand for quality and performance is Navien.

Navien is a leader in tankless technology with its ultra-efficient, hot water on demand system. The NPE series is Energy Star’s highest rated gas water heater – the most energy-efficient tankless water heater in the industry. Designed for simplified installation, the system uses existing gas lines and PVC venting for cost savings, and comfort flow technology. The buffer tank and recirculation pump are included, and dual stainless steel heat exchangers and a built-in control board make for a durable, superior hot water experience.

Visit Navien’s website.

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